Our missions

CREOC at Keio University is committed to advancing our scientific knowledge of the current state of equality for children, the mechanism through which the inequality evolves over the course of child development, and the methods to evaluate the relevant policies that aim to expand the equality of opportunity for children.

The missions of our center are follows.

The missions of CREOC

Promotion of scientific research

We aim to conduct quantitative research that are reproducible using scientific methods from interdecsiplinary perspectives.

Adherence to academic neutrality

We aim to maintain academi neutrality free from any political or ideological bias or preoccupation.

Emphasis of basic reseach for solving social problems

We feedback the findings from our basic research about the mechanism through which the inequality of children evolves to the better policy making for next generation.

Partinership with schools and local authorities

We value the exchange of knowledge and ideas in collaboration with local schools and educational authorities to interpret and feedback the results of our policy reseach.

International collaboration

Through the collaboration with researchers outside Japan, we aim to conduct high quality research from international standard.